Mallorca #3 – Cap Blanc

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Hey guys,
I’m back with a new place to show you : Cap Blanc in Mallorca. It’s the most incredible place I’ve ever seen… It’s located not far from Palma, close to the small city Llucmajor.

The first thing to see is the Lighthouse which is a military base (and prohibited to the public), but you’ll find a small path along it which will bring you next to it. And as you’ll get closer to the lighthouse you’ll suddenly arrive at the end of the cliff, 90m above the sea… Quite impressive and breathtaking.

Take the time to do the walk/hike along the cliff, it’s really worth it, and if you’ve got some time, wait for the sunset !
I personally climbed on the small tower that you can see on the pictures (don’t know if that was allowed though…) it’s a bit scary but I’m glad I did it 😎

There is something magical in this place, you feel so small compared to that landscape.. Nature can be pretty impressive and I have to say that I was totally blown away by this place. I highly recommend it !👍🏼

Cheers ❤


Mallorca #2 – Cap Formentor

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Hey guys,
I continue my review on Mallorca with another place I’ve been to, that is really different from where I used to go.
This place is called Cap Formentor and you’ll have a view that is worthing the looong road !

What to do in a day ?

First, Cap Formentor is the final point. But the best of it is actually the trip before it (and as we say “It’s not the destination that matter, but the journey” haha). Here is the journey and stops we’ve made this day :

Port de Pollença : Actually i’ve been stuck here cause the road to Cap Formentor was closed, BUT I’m glad I’ve had to stop here. The port and the bay are so beautiful. The water is so clear and the walk along the sea is very nice to do.

The first viewpoint : I’m sorry I don’t know if this place has actually a name, but this is the first view point you’ll find when you’re on the road to Formentor. There is a small car park so I recommend to go there early. This was my fav spot of the day ! I can’t really describe it but I let you enjoy the pictures 😉

The road itself : as I was saying, the road is actually amazing (not for the driver but for the passengers haha) enjoy the landscapes and be careful to the goats that cross everywhere (that’s not even a joke).

Cala Boquer : I must tell you this place looks like heaven on earth. But you have to deserve it ! To go there, you have to park your car on an official car park (you’ll see on this road there are not much of them so you’ll find it easily) and then you have to do go down. It’s not that far but it’s really steep and I do recommend to have good shoes. But this small beach is really amazing, between mountains you have a turquoise water and on top of that ? Wait for it… you have goats on the beach ! (they aren’t scared at all and know how to spot food in bags..). Also, I got stung by a jellyfish, nothing bad it wasn’t a dangerous one but it hurts like a nettle sting for 2 days after, so be careful (especially with kids).

Cap Formentor : The final point ! So to be honest, I don’t recommend to go there. This is a great point, BUT the road to go there is dangerous and craggy. I personally was there on October and we spent 30min trying to go up there. Everyone stop on the road, you can’t overtake the line and can be stuck in a really bad car situation very easily. I would recommend to see the Cap Formentor with the lighthouse from a boat instead. From my experience it’s not worthy at all to risk that much and lose time to go there. (Or maybe veeeeeery early in the morning !)

Basically this is the little roadtrip we’ve made that day, I let you see the pictures and tell me what you think about them 🙂 Have you experienced these places as well ?

Cheers ❤

Mallorca #1 – Cala Mondragó

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The color palette ❤

Ever wonder where you can find a beach with turquoise water, white sand, huge cliffs, blues caves and so on..? Well Cala Mondragó is THE place.
You have a lot of choice when it comes to choose a “Cala” in Mallorca, and this one is a natural park located next to the city Santanyí.

Compared to other Cala I’ve been to, this one is very easy to access. You don’t have to walk that much (less than 1km) and can park your car in “decent” places.

You’ll find the first touristic beach (with long chairs, parasols etc…) but if you’re willing to walk a bit you’ll be able to find cute beaches not far from there and less crowded. I personally, really enjoyed walking/hiking around it, there are small paths that lead to great viewpoints (so be prepared to take a lot of pictures). There are also lots of great spots for cliff jumpers and caves explorers. 😉

I let you see the pictures and have your own opinion about this place.
Cheers ❤️

Back from Mallorca


La Blonde en baskets
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Just landed ! 🙂

I have a looooot of pictures to edit now, and some blogposts to write about this roadtrip. Couldn’t access internet during my trip and it felt really good to have a little break from the social medias (but also have a lot to catch up now..)

I’m definitely going to give you some advices if you’re planning a trip to Mallorca soon 😉

Stay tuned and have a nice day ❤