A weekend in Prague

La Blonde en baskets
Old Town Square

Hey guys,

A couple of months ago I went for a weekend in Prague with some friends. It was 3.00h drive from Nürnberg so pretty easy to go there by car.

We left work around 4pm so we arrived right on time for evening lunch, actually we were so angry, we jumped in the first Italian restaurant we found. (Also, be careful with the currency exchange offices, always have a look on the tax they take, we got super swindled because we were on the rush.)

What to do in Prague ?

First time for me in the city so basically I did a lot of tourists “must-see”. Here is a short list of what you can do :

  • The Charles Bridge : I love this bridge, the statues are incredible, the views amazing and the towers at each sides are also great (can you understand how muck I liked it? haha) BUT the bridge is probably the most crowded place and you’ll have to be patient to cross it. (for the early birds, my tips is to go at 6 or 7am to avoid the crowd)
  • Old Town Square : The place to see ! Very lively during the day and super crowded as well. Also amazing at night where you can see some bats flying around the Church of Our Lady before Týn (give the feeling to be in a Dracula movie). 😉 You can find on the corner of that place the huge Astronomical Clock (and can wait for it to mark the turn of an hour).
  • The St Vitus Cathedral : We took the tramway to go to the Cathedral (a bit lazy at the end of the day). You’ll have the amazing view above the Prague rooftops. You can visit it and enjoy the impressive architecture. I personally am not into religious stuff but honestly it worth it !
  • Randomly walk in the streets : this is my best advice ! We randomly explored the city and we discovered some statues, street arts and lots of great things to see that are not in the tourists guides. The architecture of the buildings is beautiful and worth to get lost in the city.
  • Try the local food : Prague is very cheap as city so you can enjoy your meals in restaurants (try the local super-fat food) and the beers.

In a word, I fell in love with the Czech Republic’s Capital. Two days are too shorts to see everything so I’ve planned to go back there soon.  We were renting an airbnb in Josefov the Jewish district and it’s definitely the perfect location close to everything by feet !

On the dark side, it’s a veeeeery attractive city for tourists and you have to deal with the super crowded places everywhere. So better be a early bird to enjoy an empty Prague. 😉

Hope this mini guide give you a bit of an idea of the city !

Cheers ❤