My Outfit Mood #2

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Ahoy’  Guys !
I’m coming back with my Outfit Mood of the month that I couldn’t do in December because of some issues I got on my Photoshop… (as you can see the quality isn’t that great still… 😤)

So January is my Birthday month 🎂 (so I love it 😁) and it is actually not that cold for the moment in Brittany. I’ve been to the beach to enjoy the sun quite recently (see here) and my mood is definitely with the winter sailor inspiration ! ⚓️ (so in love with the Gigi x TH collection btw)
I love those colors and I really think that Navy blue and Burgundy are so great matched together !

I apologize for the bad quality of the board..
Let me know what you think 😃
Have a nice weekend everyone ! 💕

France #2 – small getaway to Paris

La Blonde en BasketsHi everyone,

As I’m writing this article, I’m suffering from the wisdom teeth removal pain. Omg I do hate everything related to medical stuff and admire people working in that field.
I got lucky, everyone was so nice with me that I got less stressed than I thought. Now I just need to relax, sleep and heal.. Looking forward to be able to eat again !

So at the beginning of the week I did a small getaway to Paris. I’m probably the only person in this world who doesn’t like Paris. I mean this is the noisiest, dirtiest and most stressful city ever, full of pigeons and angry people… But at this time of the year it was pretty empty of tourists, and Parisians were at work.

Here are some few shots I did at the Louvre and the Galerie Vivienne (one of my fav hidden place).

Hope you’re doing well,
Cheers ❤

France #1 – The wild coast

Zara coat (here) / Zara jeans (here) / Reebok Classic Leather shoes (here)

Hey guys
How are you doing ?

I start 2017 with a small review from my beautiful region : La Bretagne (Brittany). I mean, we can roam the planet, we have great places at home as well ! ⚓️
I’ve been to Quiberon shooting some pictures for a friend and we got lucky with the weather (I wanted a good light to play with lens flares…)

I give you a small preview of the place and some pictures he took of me (I don’t really want to share the pictures of him).

It’s always funny to shoot with friends, they try my camera and the first pictures they take are always either blurry or out of focus or not with the right light.. you know not as I would shot. But it’s always a great moment full of laughs hahaha !😄
Anyway he managed to take really great shots out of the amount of failed ones ! and after editing them I’m super happy with the result!

I’m practicing new ways of editing my pictures, using Photoshop, Lightroom and VSCo, I kind of want to change a bit my Instagram color grid.
Tell me what you think about them 😊

I’m heading to Paris tomorrow, and then going on a surgery 😭 I’ll have time to publish and share with you some pictures during the week and the one after !
Cheers ! 💙

Happy new year 🍾

Hi all,
I’m just stopping quickly by the blog before leaving for a night out with friends, to wish you all a very happy new year’s eve 🎉

May 2017 be a better year for the world (even though it seems a bit complicated right now.. let’s stay optimistic !)

I wish you happiness, health, and success ✨
Enjoy your night and don’t forget : don’t drive drunk ☝🏼
Cheers guys 💜

Looking back at 2016

La Blonde en baskets

Hi guys,

I’ve been a bit afk lately and got some problems with my photoshop (to do my outfit mood,  I’ll try to fix it for January !) also I wish you a Merry late Christmas ! I hope you enjoyed time with the people you love 🎄

As we are at the end of the year, I usually take this as an opportunity to have a throwback at it and to focus on myself. I like to take challenges and fulfill some dreams (let’s be real we all have that bucket list 😉 ) and I like to really think about what I did in a year. It’s super motivating and challenging for the new year to come to do better !

So here is my 2016’s list :

  • I have been graduated and finished my studies. 🎓
  • I have worked at the adidas headquarters and really lived a dream there.👟
  • I have met a lot of famous athletes such as Paul Pogba, Yoann Blake, Tori Bowie, Nickel Ashmeade, Warren Weir, Angelique Kerber, and a lot more..  and I got the chance to listen their speeches about failure/success.
  • I have met Pharrell Williams in person: this has been my biggest dream/fulfillment this year. I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to listen to him speaking about his career, inspiration, success, failure, and life. He is the most inspiring person I’ve ever met and despite the fact that he is a celebrity, he is so humble and open-minded.
  • I have moved in another country 📦 : it was without doubt the hardest thing I’ve done this year. I’ve moved in Germany in a new city where I knew nobody. But it was the best decision of my life,  I’ve met incredible people, a new culture that I really fit in, and a great job. That’s what I call getting out of my comfort zone.
  • I’ve been in new countries 🌍 : Czech Republic and Spain (in the Balearic Island more precisely). I’ve discovered new cultures, new places and took amazing pictures 😉

But I also didn’t reached all the goals I had, so here is my 2017’s goals :

  • Run 10km : I tried but never reached that point so I’ll try again this year. (if I can fix my knees issue)
  • Discover new countries and new places (Italy would be awesome)
  • Improve my blog (why not ? )
  • Buy a new DSLR camera

I encourage you to do your list, that’s what keep me motivated. Cause this year I’ve been through some really hard moments as well. But as I keep telling myself : “c’est la fucking vie” ✌🏼️

Have a wonderful day world ❤️