Finally a new camera

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been away lately cause I was working a lot and couldn’t find the time or the topics to post something.

BUT, I’m coming back with a new camera ! I mentioned it in several posts before that I wanted to change it and I finally did ! I bought the Nikon D7100 a week ago (instead of the D5500 that I thought would be nice at first, but realized that I wouldn’t had enough with it.. so I took a expert one which is waaaay more complicated but also way better !)

I’m experimenting it right now, and I already can show you some of the results I have (I’m shooting in RAW and edit either on Photoshop or Lightroom then) I haven’t shoot with “real” model yet, but I’m going to really soon !

For now you can admire my little monster (and not the most cooperative model at all ! )

Hope you’re all doing great !

Cheers ! ❀

La Blonde en basketsLa Blonde en basketsLa Blonde en baskets


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