Hi Deer ! πŸ“Έ

La Blonde en baskets

Hello everyone !

It’s a rainy, cold and windy Sunday here in Brittany, which means that I have time to share some shots from the past week with you.

I visited my grandma during the week, and on the road I stopped by a small natural parc that we can see from the road. I used to go there when I was a kid (there is a pound with a lots of fitness facilites around it and kids playground etc.. it was so much fun !) but back to my 22 year old me : I stopped by to see if the deers were still there, and guess what ? they were ! haha I felt so bad to photograph captives animals you know.. they’d be so much better outside, but with the hunting season I guess they’re not so bad after all…  🦌

I love deers, I don’t really know why but I find them so majestic and peaceful at the same time. I stayed watching them like 20 min before finally going to my grandma’s place haha.

Have a beautiful Sunday all πŸ™‚


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