France #3 – My summer paradise

La Blonde en basketsHey guys !
How are you ?
Alright now I’m fed up with winter and I’m looking forward to be in summer again.

So today I’m doing a small post about my summer place : Penmarc’h in Brittany. My parents bought a field here 20 years ago and it feels so great to have a place to stay in summer just for relax (it’s located 200m from a small beach and 2km away from the the surf spot, so we kinda have the choice for the activities).

I’ve spent most of my summers holidays out there, where I’ve learnt sailing, surfing, windsurfing, paddling, kayaking.. (and also fishing but I gave up this really quickly hahaha) and even though I love traveling and going to new places, I do love being there doing literally nothing more than tanning and enjoying the ocean !

Here are some shots, for those who’re wondering where to go in France in summer : you’ve got your answer ! (and if you don’t, just know that it is usually super hot in July and August, way less crowded than the french riviera, and at least there is actual sand on the beach ! héhéhé)
If you’re looking for an accommodation to stay, look around those places : Penmarc’h, Plomeur (La Torche), Pont-Labbé (a bit further) and Le Guilvinec.. The culture here is amazing, the food is so delicious (fresh fish, crepes, and so on..) and in summer there are always music nights etc.. love the atmosphere !

Cheers ❤


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