My Outfit Mood #2

La Blonde en Baskets

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Ahoy’  Guys !
I’m coming back with my Outfit Mood of the month that I couldn’t do in December because of some issues I got on my Photoshop… (as you can see the quality isn’t that great still… 😤)

So January is my Birthday month 🎂 (so I love it 😁) and it is actually not that cold for the moment in Brittany. I’ve been to the beach to enjoy the sun quite recently (see here) and my mood is definitely with the winter sailor inspiration ! ⚓️ (so in love with the Gigi x TH collection btw)
I love those colors and I really think that Navy blue and Burgundy are so great matched together !

I apologize for the bad quality of the board..
Let me know what you think 😃
Have a nice weekend everyone ! 💕


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