France #2 – small getaway to Paris

La Blonde en BasketsHi everyone,

As I’m writing this article, I’m suffering from the wisdom teeth removal pain. Omg I do hate everything related to medical stuff and admire people working in that field.
I got lucky, everyone was so nice with me that I got less stressed than I thought. Now I just need to relax, sleep and heal.. Looking forward to be able to eat again !

So at the beginning of the week I did a small getaway to Paris. I’m probably the only person in this world who doesn’t like Paris. I mean this is the noisiest, dirtiest and most stressful city ever, full of pigeons and angry people… But at this time of the year it was pretty empty of tourists, and Parisians were at work.

Here are some few shots I did at the Louvre and the Galerie Vivienne (one of my fav hidden place).

Hope you’re doing well,
Cheers ❤


3 thoughts on “France #2 – small getaway to Paris

  1. Oh noooo wisdom teeth are the worst! Hope you feel better soon 😔 Ahahaha I love your description of Paris! I must say, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would when I went – it was just too busy, like you said, and the pollution really did not help the heat! I’d love to go in winter one day as I think it might be a little nicer when there are fewer tourists. Your photos are absolutely amazing by the way! xx

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    1. Aww thank you so much, yes it’s quite annoying but once it’s done, it’s forever ! haha
      I know that usually people are so shocked with my description because it’s quite the opposite of all the clichés we have about Paris 🙈 the best time is during Christmas time (but very crowded as well) till January and also in August (more tourists but less Parisians) 😁
      Have a nice day !


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