Bamberg getaway

old houses and the swans

Hi everyone !

I’ve lived 6 months not far from Nürnberg (Germany) and before leaving the country for an indefinite period, I  took a day to go to Bamberg, a beautiful city which is a UNESCO World heritage site.
I’ve heard about it from everyone so I decided to go there to see by myself and truth is, I haven’t been disappointed !

This is a lovely Bavarian city on the river Regnitz. You can see old houses with private docks and I’m still wondering how they do to avoid the floods in winter…

La Blonde en baskets
cute path along the river

The best building goes to the old town hall (Altes Rathause)  build on a bridge. This building is so photogenic ! love it !

La Blonde en baskets
The old town hall

You can climb a little and go to the old palace next to the cathedral, and you’ll have a nice view of the town.

La Blonde en baskets
Old palace and the cathedral

Take the time to stop and eat in one of the traditional Bavarian restaurant (or Franconian: the region which belongs to Bavaria). You’ll have some Schnitzels, Wurst, or Sauerkraut (drink that with a Radler 🍻)! 😉 (very light meal).🍽

La Blonde en baskets
traditional Franconian meal

They’re also lots of stores in the city and after a shopping session, just enjoy a nice ice cream (my fav goes to the Stracciatella Becher

La Blonde en baskets
Stracciatella becher ❤

So if you’re planning a trip in South Germany, you definitely should have a stop in Bamberg !❣️

Hope you enjoyed this article !
Coming back soon with my outfit mood of the month ! 🎄
Cheers 💕


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