Xmas wishlist

Vannes city

There we are again ! Favorite month of the year !

Oh December I love you : the Christmas markets, the lights and decorations in the cities, the cold (yeah even though I usually grumble about it), the food, the family reunion and of course the gifts… omg I’m so looking forward to Christmas !πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„

I usually start my month by creating a xmas wishlist and by giving some hints to my family (I can’t ask them directly, I have to make them believe that the ideas come from them…😈)
So for this year I have a veeeeeery long list and of course I know I won’t have half of it ! (as usual) but there is my top 5 !

1. The Nikon D5500

As I mentioned in a previous post, I really want to change my DSLR camera that is getting old (almost 7 years…) so I really hope to find this cutie in my shoes !

La blonde en baskets
Nikon D5500 18mm-140mm (here)

2. Make-up selection

Ok I’m not the most girly girl, BUT I sometimes would like to have some good expensive make-up. So my selection make-up would be the following :

  • Naked Palette 3: Love the colors that are really easy to wear by day and also for a night out.
  • Mac lipstick : I’m crazy about dark colors (I don’t like bright colors on my lips, they don’t fit me at all).
  • NARS blush Super Orgasm: can we have a moment to appreciate its color ?

3. A rotating hot air brush

I have to admit that I love the idea of being able to do a Kate Middleton brushing at home.Β I don’t really like straightening my hair anymore.. It gets too straight and lose all the volume.. I have the feeling that this brush could be really great (when you know how to use it, and I’m sure that it’s a real struggle at first…)

La Blonde en baskets
Babyliss 2736E (here)

4. Sunglasses

I totally fell in love with the new Rayban sunglasses : theΒ Clubround
Ok I already have 3 pairs of Rayban but.. no I have no excuse on this one…

La Blonde en baskets
Rayban clubround (here)

5. A newΒ travel bag

Need, need, need ! I’ve got one since 2012 that is getting in a really bad shape (if we can say that about a bag)Β now..

I recently discovered and fell in love with the brand Douchebags (created by Jon OlssonΒ a professional skier). Those bags are made and designed for traveler and athletes, that needs to bring a lots of gears with them. I personally prefer bags to hard luggages so this bag would definitely be the perfect one for me. They are available in different colors (I love it in grey and in burgundy).

La blonde en baskets
Douchebags “Little bastard 60L” (here)


And you, what’s on your wishlist ? πŸ“œ 🎁

Cheers ❀️


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