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Hey Guys,

I’ve lost interest in my DSLR cameraΒ since a bit, I can’t do what I want cause I’m missing some lenses (that are very expensive) and my zoom is actually starting to be a bit old and has some problem when I use it. How nice it is ! haha

So I’ve started to look for a most recent DSLR camera (I currently have the Nikon D3100 I bought in 2010) with 3 lenses (the basic 18-55mm, the zoom 55-200mm and the prime lens 50mm 1,8.) I’m planning to buy the D5500 as soon as I could afford it (I do hope to sell my old one but I’m being too optimistic about that).

Anyway, even though I’m not satisfied with my camera anymore, I’ve decided to use a bit more my prime lens 50mm 1.8, which is like the most perfect lens to shoot portraits. As I don’t have models I’m practicing on me (yeah it’s kinda weird but whatever).

I’m giving you a preview of this magical lens. How great and professional it looks !
I’d really appreciate to have a feedback if some of you have the Nikon D5500 as well πŸ™‚
But the most important to remember is that the lenses are way more important than the camera itself πŸ˜‰

Cheers ❀




10 thoughts on “Back to camera

  1. I started with the Nikon D3100 too!! and upgraded it over the years. 50mm is ’till this day still one of the most sharpest lens and I use it quite often too (not on holidays though lol) πŸ™‚ can never go wrong with this lens hihi, I also love the 35mm 1.8 very great lens too! great self portraits btw! the D5500 is a great camera! I haven’t owned it but my nephew has the D5200 which is already a superb camera! I don’t do a lot of portraits, mostly nature and animals but all my pictures on my blog are made with a Nikon! πŸ™‚


      1. you’re welcome ^^, 35mm was my first lens (besides the kit lens) and it’s perfect if you want to make portraits with still a little background in it. indeed you’ll definitely want a zoom lens for traveling πŸ™‚ I use the 24-120mm.


  2. Very nice images. If I was you I would try and pick up someone’s old D700 or something. Even though that camera is super old now you can still get amazing images with it. However I am a sucker for a full frame camera and nothing else will do for me. πŸ˜… In the mean time, looks like your getting great results with your current set up!


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