What are we doing..?

La blonde en baskets
Trump Tower (shot in 2012)

Hi guys !

I woke up this morning with the news of the US election night.. and I have to admit that I’d never have imagine this could ever be reality…

I feel sorry for the world we’re living in… How can we let people full of hate becoming president ?

I was scared after the Brexit, I’m scared now and I’ll be scared in 2017 for the French election.. We say that History is constantly repeating, and I have the feeling that we are living a new chapter.. and not a good one.

Ironically, 4 years ago I was in the Trump Tower for the Barack Obama’s re-election. At this time, Donald Trump was only a rich guy with buildings.. It feels very weird to look back at this time now…

Don’t let hate and fears win, we’re all humans no matter the color, the origin, the sexual orientation, the gender, and so on… we should be able to live together and not against each others.

Have a good day/night world ❤️🌍


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