Mallorca #1 – Cala Mondragó

La Blonde en baskets
The color palette ❤

Ever wonder where you can find a beach with turquoise water, white sand, huge cliffs, blues caves and so on..? Well Cala Mondragó is THE place.
You have a lot of choice when it comes to choose a “Cala” in Mallorca, and this one is a natural park located next to the city Santanyí.

Compared to other Cala I’ve been to, this one is very easy to access. You don’t have to walk that much (less than 1km) and can park your car in “decent” places.

You’ll find the first touristic beach (with long chairs, parasols etc…) but if you’re willing to walk a bit you’ll be able to find cute beaches not far from there and less crowded. I personally, really enjoyed walking/hiking around it, there are small paths that lead to great viewpoints (so be prepared to take a lot of pictures). There are also lots of great spots for cliff jumpers and caves explorers. 😉

I let you see the pictures and have your own opinion about this place.
Cheers ❤️


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