It’s been a while since I was thinking about it, I tried many times but at the end I always dropped the idea. And there I am: trying one moreย time though !

So, who’s the blonde wearing sneakers ? (yeah for the non-french speakers : “Baskets” means “Sneakers” ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

She’s a 21yo girl, called Marianne and born in Brittany (north west of France). She travels as soon as she can (thanks to her adventurous mum !). She learnt by herself photography, photo edits and some IT stuff. Her job ? Visual Merchandiser (if you don’t know what it is, don’t worry you’re not alone, it’ll be a good article topic btw). She is blonde and owns a huge amount of sneakers (hard to work in the sport industry !) And yeah, she also enjoy sports, ย and tried many different ones : Classical ballet, gymnastic, swimming, horse-ridding, fitness.. and on top of that, she comes from a sporty family !

So, in a word, here, she’ll talk about travels, sports, clothes, and everything she finds interesting. And she promises she won’t speak at the 3rd person singular any longer !

I’m starting the blog in English, cause I feel more inspired than doing it in French (weirdo)ย and I do hope you’ll enjoy your time here,

Cheers โค


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